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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Merry Eve of Christmas Eve

Can you smell it?  The Christmas trees, the hot chocolate, the pepper spray; it's truly Christmas time.  Now if you don't mind, I'm going to go off on a completely different subject for the rest of the post.

Well, I'm done with final exams and school is over!  Now I can tell all of you what I've been doing the past couple of weekends.  

Every year on the first two weekends of December, I go Classics on Main (picture above for those who cannot make these connections).  During these first two weekends, all the shops that are on Main street are also open and everyone goes out and buys stuff.  There's no better way to explain the meaning of Christmas.  Of course with the drought going on in this area, some of the deer that you would see slurping the beautiful river are headless, all bones, and played with by my little brother.  Once again, merry Christmas.

At Classics, I have the opportunity to play my guitar for all of the people that come into the store!  I don't rock out, but I do have a collection of Christmas songs and other classical compositions (the 2nd best thing!).  Of course there's more of a motive than just "playing to make people happy" (who do you think I am?!).  I always set out a hat where people can put money in, and give them the puppy face.  

Of course I am joking (that's a first) about the whole "get rich quick" scheme.  Playing Christmas music for all the rich "art loving" elderly people is a great way to share my gift with the town.  Unfortunately I could only attend the Christmas Stroll for one of the two weekends, but I still ended up making about $250.  Now I can feed myself for 8 months and 10 days off of McDonald's $1 menu.

Anyways, I want to wish everyone a Merry Eve of Christmas Eve.  For those of you who live under caves, Eve of Christmas Eve (or Evemas as it's more commonly known) was established today by me.  On this joyful holiday, which comes only once a year, it's tradition to drink hard cider (just put apple juice in the freezer) and eat sour cream donuts.  Children wake up early on this joyous holiday and wrap all of their presents under the tree with bright wrapping paper and wide eyes so that they can open them on Christmas day!  Instead of Santa Clause, parents tell their children about a multi-religious character "the headless Nut Cracker" that will give them prunes (because those don't turn into diamonds) if they don't wrap their presents fast enough.

On blog news, I want to thank everyone (my parents) for giving me over 2,000 views (o.k, maybe just me). I remember when I started this blog WAAAY back in March of 2008, oh how young I was.  And 2,000 views later, I'm still alive.  I'm as surprised as you are.  Also, I want to say thank you to all five of my followers (once again, my family) and for everyone else:  You will get prunes on Christmas (unless you follow the blog...).

Now the bad news: I do not have either one of my movies to show you guys.  Of course this is the "Holiday" post, so I put, I mean Santa Clause put something together for you all.

Thanks for throwing away five minutes of your life to look at mine.

If you have any suggestions for the blog, open your window and yell them out loud.  If you're lucky, I just might hear you.


Saturday, December 03, 2011

A/V Club Christmas Party

Ladies and Gentlemen, my hypothesis is true!  You do not need alcohol at a party to make something go terribly wrong.  Of course, when I say terribly wrong I mean the kind of "terribly wrong" that makes an event so awesome.  What happened?  We (I won't point fingers) decided that it would be fun to play hide'n'go seek in the dark.  You know that the game is dangerous when you are running and you can't see anything around you.  In short, the game didn't last very long.

Fine, I'll give you the gory details: It was so dark that the dog and one kid ran into each other, and I ran into a fence.  Happy?  We preceded to stick with board games and "truth or dare".  I guess in the end, it was a pretty sweet party.  It was a white elephant party, and I'm pretty sure I got the lamest- I mean BEST present ever: an envelope filled with a bookmark, a plastic spoon, a free stamp and a clip.  Because I got the worst, I mean BEST gift, everyone felt bad and gave me a container filled with Japanese bath salt.  So I guess I got the "white elephant".  

The thing that I find funny is that you can judge a kid by the kind of parties he/she goes to.  Of course it doesn't count if that person gets dragged to a party they don't want to go.  In my case, I go to A/V club (audio visual) parties.  For those of you who don't know me, now you do!  But just because it's a party for a club DOES NOT mean that it stinks.  You never know when somebody is going to fall and split open their pinky finger, or when some suspicious person comes out of the forest and starts to follow you (all inside jokes, but you get my point).  At the very worst nothing happens but there will always be free food, and an interesting thing about me is that I follow one simple rule with parties:

If there is food, Thomas is there, somewhere, and he is eating that free food.

Thanks for throwing away five minutes of your life to look at mine.

If you have any suggestions for the blog, open your window and yell them out loud.  If you are lucky, I just might hear you.


P.S(what does that even stand for?)- About my movie...
good news: it is done
 bad news: it is a complete disaster

I might post it next time, but because of many factors, it's not very good.  If you are lucky enough to see it, just know that I didn't have all the time in the world to make it perfect and the finished product was NOT what I had in my head.

I am almost done with a no dialogue (not a silent) film that I might also be able to post.  More information next time...  (don't you love cliff hangers!?) 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Those tiny things falling from the sky?

Did I forget to post on this blog last Saturday?  yes

Did I forget to post on this blog this Saturday?  sadly yes

BUT- Did I make up for it by providing you with this homemade video?  YES!

The main reason why I didn't post on the blog yesterday (excuses excuses...) was mainly because I was working on this stop action animation video.  It's not exactly professional, but it's blog worthy.

You might be wondering why I'm so happy (can't you notice my smile?).  The reason is because it rained!  Now, if you live in Mobile, Alabama, rain isn't something you rejoice about and post on a blog.  In Texas, there's not much raining going on in the Fall.  When the rain first hit my dry head, I was a little confused.  I thought it was a kid throwing water on me, but I was wrong.  Thank you rain.

I recently discovered that making a film inside a high school isn't as easy as it sounds.  You have an hour and thirty minutes in a class period.  Thirty minutes is dedicated to set up the shot, and mostly get stupid kids to not interrupt the scene.  Another thirty minutes is used to film that one little scene to get it just right and the last thirty minutes is used to put everything away.  We have five class periods to shoot this thing.

On that note, thanks for checking out my blog once again.  I think that it's a good idea to have these cool little videos before the post, just in case I don't have anything too interesting to talk about (i.e- rain).

Have an awesome week, and follow the blog if you haven't already.  If you have any suggestions for the blog, shout them out as loud as you can and maybe I'll hear some.


Saturday, September 03, 2011

Adios Mofo

To tell you the truth I had no better title for this post.  I'm not really going to say anything about Rick Perry, but no matter how much I disagree with him, he makes a good exit.

After much thought, and meditation (I'm kidding, everything on this blog is just impromptu, I don't even know what I'm going to say next) I have decided that I will be active on this blog every Saturday.  I know I've had a reputation for starting traditions that I don't carry, but I really don't have time any other day.

So, What's new?  nothing.  I did not capitalize the 'n' because not much has happened since my last post.  But fortunately, my life doesn't have to be exciting to write a blog!  On second thought, it probably does.  On that note, why don't I give you a heads up on what's going on at my school!.

I have signed up for the Audio/Video Productions class at my high-school.  This is great for me, because making movies (short or long) interests me.  I love creating the story and using a camera to get it across.  Right now I am in the middle of my first project: "The Film Festival".  It may sound like this project is serious and film festival worthy, but it's mainly a team building project to get the feel for making a film.  It's basically a movie about a group of kids making a movie.  At first the teacher didn't like the idea of a movie of a movie, mostly because we'd need twice the materials to shoot the scene where we're making the movie, but after looking at our script he was o.k with it.  Hopefully this experience will help me for future projects, and I might post some stuff on this blog!

Anyways, hopefully everybody has an awesome Labor Day weekend and I'll see you next Saturday!


Friday, August 19, 2011

The 'S' word...

Well, it's that time of year again, time for staying up all night studying, last minute art projects, putting up with the kid that sits behind you in history flicking boogers in the back of your head; SCHOOL!  I promised myself I would refrain myself from saying that word the entire summer, but what the heck.  Luckily for me, my school starts at 9:30!!            so I thought

Yesterday I was on a five hour road trip back from Oklahoma, and I got a call from my cross country coach.  As I was listening to the voice mail, I thought I heard something unusual, so I listened again.  The words rang in my car-sick head:  "Be ready on Monday at 6:00-7:00 to start running!"  It was probably the afternoon 6:00, but  I was wrong and that wasn't the worst of it.  I called back to ask about the schedule, and it turns out that every Monday-Friday I'll be up nice and early running.  I love high school.

Well, I hope everybody had a great summer, and hopefully school won't consume all of my life.