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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fathers Day/Children-enslaved Day

Now, I was kind of exaggerating about how children are technically slaves on fathers day. I did make a big breakfast for my dad with my little brother, along with a homemade card but I decided to do that by myself. I wonder how many kids in this world made breakfast for their fathers and how many were lazy? That makes me feel special (-: Anyways, I also put together a grill for my dad with my Step Mom. The thing that made this fathers day better than most was that my dad was at a church retreat for a couple of days so he came back late Saturday night so This day was the first I saw him since his retreat; also that we were going to have a cook-out! Are you going anywhere for summer break? Well, I'm not going anywhere out of my state so don't feel bad if you're not either. The farthest I might go is to my step mom's parent's lake house on Lake L.B.J. Other than that, I might be surprised with something like:
"Hey sweety! Guess what?"
"We're going on a big trip to the grocery store one minute away!
"OMG, I am most excited"
Yeah, so Have a great summer and become a follower! Just scroll down on my page till' you find something that has the name of Justsomefollowers. You can follow my blog and see all the add-ons that I do! But Don't get too excited because it's justablog.

C U L8R (I am not a text freak, in fact I don't know how to text!!)


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